The FRONTSTEPS family is a pretty special one. We are made up of hard-working folks from all over the world. Ryan Patrick is a Jedi developer and his contributions have been invaluable. Want to know more about Ryan?

We thought so.Rather than write up a formal (boring) biography, we let Ryan talk to us in his own words. He's got a spicy personality which is what makes him an awesome addition to the FRONTSTEPS family!How long have you been working at FRONTSTEPS? I've been working here for 11 wonderful and sometimes turbulent months.What do you love about working here? I enjoy the push to constantly learn and improve. More specifically, I appreciate that the leadership holds people accountable but at the same time, they accept failures as learning experiences. 

What's a typical weekend look like for you?

I love to spend time going dancing with friends. My dream is to one day dance myself to death. :)You're from Arkansas. Tell me what you miss about home? Cheap houses. Oh and old friends. We used to play a 10 hour board game every weekend. Those were the days.

Why are you a rockstar developer? My team is made up of coding badasses that work hard to design and build our upcoming FRONTSTEPS platform. I'm pretty average.

You are a good cook! Who taught you and what's your favorite thing to cook?

My first cooking experience came about when I was a child. While my mom wasn't looking, I put a cherry popsicle in my ramen soup. It was disgusting. I've gotten slightly better since then! I used a thermometer to cook a steak for the first time a few days ago and it was perfect. Since then I have been congratulating myself on a daily basis for my maturity."Ryan exemplifies the FRONTSTEPS core values on a daily basis by being Open, Honest and Transparent, moving with urgency and purpose, innovating and being courageous," said Shawn Beeson, Dir. of Engineering. "He is flexible and always willing to jump in and help, yet not afraid to ask tough questions or challenge the status quo."THANKS, Ryan! We appreciate your work ethic, the fact that you eat peanut butter right out of a HUGE jar, and that you are a part of the most awesome afternoon workout crew, eveh!  

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