Veterans make our communities better. Today, on Veterans Day (and the USMC birthday), we wanted to showcase the Veterans and military family members who are part of the FRONTSTEPS team. Just 1% of the US population serves in the military and our already talented FRONTSTEPS family has a strong military legacy. Meet some of our former Servicemembers and military family members.

I spent 15 years in the Army as an 11B Infantryman. I deployed and served all over in Korea, Europe, Mali, and Iraq. - JOSH DAYMENT, Director of Sales - PatrolLIVE, Powered by FRONTSTEPS






I was an Information Systems Technician in the US Navy. I went to boot camp in North Chicago, IT school in Pensacola, and was stationed at NCTAMS PAC in Wahiawa, HI. I was responsible maintaining and operating five Top Secret messaging systems for the entire Pacific Fleet. - DIEGO VEGA, Security Technical Representative



I was a 25U (Signal Support Systems Specialist) for the 623d Field Artillery Battalion, also known as Morgan's Men. My service mainly focused around Satellite, Fiber, and Radio support for our Field Operations. I worked intimately with several MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) mostly just the M270 very cool equipment when you're on the sending side. All in all it was cool serving, but I definitely prefer the freedoms of civilian life. - GABRIEL STANLEY, IT Master


My family has always just been my family. Every Christmas we buy each other remote control planes to have epic air battles and then we argument over the merits of each aircraft. Recently at my Grandad's funeral, which was held at the National Cemetery in Jacksonville and with full military honors, I was humbled and reminded about all they've done. I'm extremely proud that Naval Aviation has become a Mason family tradition.

Grandad (center)- LCDR Wesley Mace Mason (Ret). Naval Aviator: AD Skyraider, F-8 Crusader, A-3D Skywarrior. Veteran of three wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam.Dad (back left)- CDR Kevin Mace Mason (Ret). Naval Aviator: F-14D Tomcat. For being pretty bad ass he was selected for both Topgun (he was actually there while the movie was being filmed) and Test Pilot School. Brother (front left)- LCDR Kyle Yummy Mason. Naval Aviator: F-18E/F Super Hornet. Recently had the chance to kick some ISIS rear end and was quite good at it. Uncle (back right)- LCDR Craig Baby Rabbit Mason (Ret). Naval Aviator: F-18A/C Hornet. Currently a Delta pilot. Cousin (front right)- Ensign Hannah Mason. Currently attending US Navy Flight School. JESSICA MASON, Business Specialist

My husband (Dylan Forrester) served as an Electronics Technician in the US Navy from 1992-2012. The photo is from the commissioning ceremony (January 28, 2006) for my husband's ship. He's a "plank owner." CARRIE FORESTER, Customer Support Representative





My sisters and my life were made better because of my parents and their years in the military. Through their dedicated service in the Navy, they not only gave us a childhood full of adventure, but they showed us what it was like to put yourself out there to defend and protect the country and our freedom. Without their service I wouldn't be who I am today. They instilled perseverance, courage and pride to my life. Not everyone is cut out for the lifestyle, so I'll always have the upmost respect for those who've served, children of those who've served and of course, their spouses. -MARGARET PELLETIER, Account Executive



My husband and I were married in August, 2001, under the assumption that he would get out of the military in a few years. Then came 9/11 and multiple deployments to Iraq. Knowing there would be untold more, the decision to stay in the USMC was still an easy one. He ultimately served 20 years as an AV-8B Harrier pilot. My girls (8th grade/5th grade) have gone to 8 different schools and we've lived in Virginia, Arizona, California, Kansas, and a few other states. All of these experiences contributed to who we are as a family. I'm honored to have played a small role in serving our country. MOLLY BLAKE, Content Manager

I tried to join every branch of the military for 7 years straight. Due to an eye condition I was unable to. The military means pride, honor and selflessness to me. Giving those without a voice a voice and those who can not protect themselves, protection. My siblings are role models to me, just like every man and women who serve or have served before them. My little sister Cyann is A1C in the Air Force and my step brother Izzy is a Senior Airman. MIKE "GOOSE" GONZALES, Senior Customer Support Representative

My 19 yr old (will be 20 on Veterans day) is a U.S Air Force Airmen. She is vivacious, outgoing, strong minded and kind hearted. She is currently attending some classes at CSU while serving in the U.S. Air Force. She loves her family most and her new puppy Athena Mae. AMY JONES, Implementation (and Goose's mom).


This is a photo of my father Dick Ketterling. He was a Medic in the US Army and served in Ft. Hood Texas from 1967-1970. His primary focus was keeping injured Vietnam personnel alive on Airplanes and from Airfields to the Hospital. DEREK KETTERLING, Security Solutions Consultant

My father, James, served in Vietnam, 3/5 from 1967 to 69. (photo at left) He was an E5 - Forward Observer. I was in the Marine Corps Active Reserve, from 1995-2001. JAMIE CLYMER, CEO (photo at right)

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