Bravo! You’ve done it. You’ve signed up to collect dues and fees online. You’re hoping for a paper cut free week. But alas, your residents are still writing checks and sending in payments without the coupon attached. Deep breaths. It's not going to happen overnight but once your residents see how easy it is to pay online, they'll come around.

In the meantime, here are a few ideas to help you get more of your HOAs and ultimately, your residents to adopt online payments
  1. Email your HOAs and remind them to notify their residents that they have payments in the first place! 

  2. And since not everyone reads their email, encourage your community board to send out letters to residents in their community about paying online. Snail mail isn't dead!

  3. Set up a meeting with a payments adoption representative. It's easy to schedule a meeting with them - just click this link and choose a time that works. They can walk your HOA leaders through adoption steps.

  4. Review your community websites. Make sure that it’s very easy for a resident to find the online payment option. Reach out to paymentsupport@frontsteps.com if HOA leaders need help modifying their community websites.

  5. Encourage your HOAs to communicate often! For example:  
  • Post a bulletin once a week about paying online.
  • If a resident does use the online payment feature, send them a thank you, and then remind them to use it again! 
  • Put up fliers and door hangers within communities to tell people about online payments.
  • Create a contest with an incentive (Starbucks or Amazon gift cards are good ones!) that residents are automatically entered into if they pay online in the next 3 months.

Keep in mind that the more you communicate with your residents, the more likely they are to convert! Interested in learning more about how an effective payments solution makes life easier? Download our whitepaper today.

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