National Volunteer Week is next week, April 15-21! Now is the time to figure out how you are going to say thank you to your incredible volunteers!

Volunteers are crucial to so many HOAs, COAs, and communities. Without the volunteers, who would sit on your board, organize a summer picnic, lend out his institutional knowledge when you have insurance question, and collect leftover Halloween candy to send to the troops? Beyond this, volunteers ultimately help maintain property values, build intangible and invaluable resident engagement, and keep dreaded HOA fees down. What have you done to say thanks?  Here are some ways! 

Call ‘em out at meetings, in newsletters, on your website, in person! Bring a bouquet of flowers, bottle of wine, share a great photo … but really recognize those folks who spend valuable time and energy helping make your neighborhood great. 

Ask for input. The volunteers are on the pulse of your community so they know what people are saying about everything from the events you host to the temperature of the pool. By asking them for their opinion, you are validating their knowledge and involvement. Spend a few minutes checking in with a volunteer and asking for his or her opinion, as opposed to their sweat equity, will make a big impact. 

Always be flexible and understanding with their time. Nit-picking and micromanaging is a sure fire way to run off those essential helpers. Set expectations early so people have ample time to achieve the goals.

Host a lunch or happy hour for your community volunteers. Invite residents who expressed interest in joining the board and talk up the experience. 

Creating a happy, engaged community takes a collective effort. Maintaining a roster of volunteers who can lend a hand is worth a little extra appreciation.

Giving back is a great way to improve the overall resident experience in your community. For more tips on providing a better experience, download your free copy of our six-step guide!