Starting January 1, California managed community associations have some new laws to follow. Read on for a few of the changes. Here's a short snapshot the changes that may affect your HOA.

Senate Bill 2, known as the Building Homes and Jobs Act County recorders will start collecting a $75 fee on recorded documents like amendments to CC&Rs, common area alteration agreements, and liens and lien releases. The monies collected will go towards a fund that's been established to reduce homelessness. Read the bill here.

AB 634: Resident Access to Common Area Roofs for Solar Panel InstallationResidents can apply to have solar panels installed on common area roofs (garage or residence) under Assembly Bill 634. Associations can add in restrictions so the panels don't cause problems for residents, demand a study to make sure solar power is suitable, require special insurance, and associations can be reimbursed by the owners for maintenance or if the installation damages roofs.

SB 407 Common Area Clubhouse Access for Member Free Speech or Political Activity.

This law states that boards can no longer prevent or block a resident's request to use common area/clubhouse for meetings of a political or free speech nature.

Be sure and reach out to your association attorney for more details about the changes.

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