Anyone can sell you a website. Lots of companies can also offer you document storage if you're a PMC or HOA. And as an HOA or PMC, you need both of these. Many states have laws mandating that residents have access to financial records, so hosting HOA fiscal documents, meeting minutes, and information like neighborhood rules and architectural regulations is not only lawful but it's smart transparency is key. Ok, so you've got all that done. Why is the relationship between HOAs and residents still broken? Introducing the New FRONTSTEPS Platform.

It's broken because PMCs aren't implementing solutions for gated, guarded, and unguarded communities that offers physical and emotional security, said Eric Waldinger, FRONTSTEPS CMO.

Just 5% of residents are accessing their community websites. The relationship between residents and the community website is frankly, transactional. They log on, find the address where they send their monthly rent or dues check, or send a complaint email to the manager, and log off. So it should come as no surprise that there is near constant friction between community leaders and residents. It should come as no surprise that residents are turning to security cameras and high-tech alarm systems to feel safe in their own neighborhoods and using social media sites to air their frustrations, for all to read.

We can long for the days of perpetually unlocked front doors but why not harness today's technology for a digitized Mayberry. FRONTSTEPS is a resident engagement platform powering communities to be safe, informed, and efficient. With our world-class, resident-first technology, you can focus on resident engagement by providing a newsfeed and security tools for your residents. As a PMC, you can do all this through a single management dashboard and integrated efficiency tools.

FRONTSTEPS offers a vast information hub that empowers your residents to help themselves and streamlines your processes to allow your organization to run more efficiently, added Waldinger.

Higher resident engagement = higher satisfaction = higher retention & growth. 

Request a demo now. 

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