My mother is big on New Year's Resolutions. We had to do them every year growing up. Sitting over fondue on New Year's Eve, I'd promise and vow to not gag when I ate brussels sprouts and to finish my homework on time. My brother often promised to stop drinking grape soda (which he hated). It's unclear whether my mom saw through this. It didn't matter, she'd often suggest a few for us. Real subtle, mom. But alas, I inherited this and I'm fond of making my family do them too. And so why not get a jump on your New Year's Resolutions and read about Top Ways to improve your neighborhood in 2018! Here are some ah-hem ... suggestions!

Having a website is a great start. Your residents need to know helpful information like neighborhood news, road closures, amenity issues and more. Great that you're posting all that on your site! You should be doing more. Why?

Really, paper coupons and processing paper checks? You're running a business and efficiency is key.  

We took a survey of homeowners recently and 80% of respondents expressed strong interest in receiving alerts from their HOA. Security, being the most important.


If you haven't switched to one of our gorgeous new responsive site designs, then you're missing out. We've got 5 new responsive designs to show off. They're fresh and modern and residents can access all the functions of your website on their phones.

So get excited for some big changes coming to FRONTSTEPS. In the meantime, the above are a few ways you can make big changes in your neighborhoods in 2018.

Maybe it's also time to upgrade your software. Download our free guide, 7 Signs it's Time for a Software Upgrade.

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