Our team is constantly making improvements to our existing software platforms. From fixing bugs to adding enhancements, our engineers are working behind the scenes to make the software you use on a daily basis more convenient and powerful.

These release notes are a way to keep our customers in the loop on what we’ve been working on, and what updates they can expect to see in the software platform. The following updates were released into production earlier this month.

Accounting Integrations

We have launched integrations with six new accounting platforms allowing for financial and contact data to flow into FRONTSTEPS. In addition to our existing integrations with TOPS and Condo Manager, we now integrate with:

  • Jenark
  • Caliber
  • VMS
  • CINC
  • Vantaca
  • Solomon

The majority of these integrations offer a one-way sync into FRONTSTEPS for key data including financials such as outstanding balances and journal entries, work orders, architectural change requests, CC&R violations, and move in and move outs. The payments platform within FRONTSTEPS is also fully integrated with these platforms.

Mobile Payments

Residents can now make payments via their smartphone through the FRONTSTEPS app or a mobile browser. Upon logging in, residents will now find a prominent green payment button at the bottom of the main navigation to begin the payment process. The mobile-friendly payment process is highlighted below.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Do you have feature requests you’d like to share with our Product and Engineering teams? Be sure to visit our digital product board. You can vote on feature requests and see our upcoming product roadmap.

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