FRONTSTEPS, an industry-leading SaaS platform offering unified community management, digital payments, accounting, and security solutions for community management companies and community associations has partnered with Cat Carmichael, CEO of Strategy 123. This collaboration was formed through the shared belief between Carmichael and FRONTSTEPS that technology can help community management companies drive profitability and better differentiate themselves to communities.

Cat Carmichael

“There are few people in the world, if any, with stronger industry knowledge than Cat Carmichael,” claims FRONTSTEPS CEO, Jamie Clymer. “We are thrilled to have her on board to help us identify how we can further use technology to address the vast needs of community association management companies. Simply having the ability to pick her brain is already proving to be invaluable to our entire team.”

Carmichael has over 30 years’ experience in the community association management industry. During this time, Carmichael has served as a Community Association Management Executive, HOA Banker, and in her current role as CEO of Strategy 123, a community association consultant. Carmichael also serves as a Business Partner on the Board of Trustees as the 2019 President of Community Associations Institute (CAI).

“I believe technology has the power to transform and simplify community association living,” states Carmichael. “More importantly, technology can drive successful growth by creating significant efficiencies within professional management companies. I’m excited for the opportunity to help such an innovative company create better user experiences and healthier communities, which will enable our profession to thrive.”

This strategic move comes at the perfect time as FRONTSTEPS recently acquired accounting and community management provider, Caliber Software, as part of its growing family of brands. Both companies are looking forward to using Carmichael’s expertise to help unify the two platforms and create synergies to better serve community associations.

To learn more about Carmichael, visit www.strategy-123.com.

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