Are you still collecting dues and fees by paper check? Did you know that this wildly inefficient process is also risky when it comes to NACHA compliance? If you missed our webinar, FRONTSTEPS Presents: HOA Payments Made Easy, then read on to learn more about how our software can save you time, reduce fraud and liability, and keep your residents happy.

Collecting dues and fees online is, as the kids say, lit. Okay ... a lame attempt at being cool. But seriously, manually processing paper checks isn't efficient. And processing payments manually or electronically assumes liability that must adhere to US bank laws and industry rules and regulations. Yikes. NACHA standards too? AND even if you're NACHA compliant, you can accidentally violate the rules.

Deep breaths. FRONTSTEPS is your trusted solution to all these scary scenarios. It's what we talked about on Thursday's webinar. In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of it. You can also download a .pdf of the slideshow. Download the slideshow by clicking this link. Payments Webinar Slideshow.


If you have questions, submit them to payments@FRONTSTEPS.com.

Looking for a digital payment solution for your residents? Get your free copy of our guide, 4 Key Aspects of an Effective Payment Solution.

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