Spring is here! The transition to the season is an exciting time for many, spring cleaning, outdoor activities, and our days get a little bit longer. Spring cleaning the interior of your home is always essential, but now is an excellent time to remind homeowners to give the exterior some love.

Here are some things you can encourage your homeowners to get started on;

Trimming Bushes & Trees!

- Trimming trees, and shrubs will make your landscaping look fuller and healthier. You’ll want to ensure that you’re doing this at the right time and utilizing proper tools. This is also a good time to remove any dead branches, and weeds.

Cleaning Outdoor Areas!

- It’s time to breakout the power washer, and get to hosing down all your outdoor furniture. During this time, it’s a good idea to make a list of anything you’d like to replace, as well as set out your chair pads and pillows.

Planting Flowers!

- Grab the kids and make a day out of planting your flowers this season. Flowers add so much diversity and interest to the landscape of your home. You won’t regret taking the time to plant. By doing so, you’re also participating in creating a cleaner environment.

Since COVID-19 has postponed our ability to congregate in groups, many spring activities weren’t able to happen. It might be a fun idea to add some of these gathering to the calendar for after the pandemic. This would be a good way to get community members socializing and interacting like they would normally.

Management should take some of these ideas into consideration;

Spring Cookout – After the winter months this is a great idea to get your homeowners talking and really build that sense of community. Have everyone bring a dish, play some music, and have chalk and outdoor activities ready for the kids.

Egg Hunt – Let’s face it, we all missed this part of our Easter celebration this year! Better late than never, set up an egg hunt for the children in your community, hide candy, and special treats inside.

Welcome Spring – Invite community members to decorate a flowerpot and plant a seed to welcome the spring. Inexpensive clay pots are great to paint with simple acrylic paints.

We hope that you’ll share some of these ideas with your community, and welcome warmer weather with open arms!