Here are the latest fixes and solutions from the FRONTSTEPS team.


  • Entry codes that appear in an ePass cannot used by multiple people. The pass type setting flag will be checked before sending the pass to a resident.

  • Data can now be pulled by admin in order to send out communications to homeowners and builders. 

  • Builders/admin have the ability to edit an attachment and in the comment section.

  • Marking voicemails as 'Completed' or 'Save for Later' functions properly. 

  • Using the minimum and maximum date range to search functions properly. 

  • Homesites that aren’t assigned a primary user will be visible; they will no longer be automatically deleted. 


  • The publish new content menu at the top of the page displays correctly now.

  • Staff can manually match accounts between an existing site and a conversion site.

  • Homeowners can no longer see all private listings, contacts, and contact information. 

  • When using the compare/convert tool address fields display correctly. 

We are always making improvements to our platform. Please let us know what you think! And you can always visit our support center for product resources.

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