Here are a few developments from the FRONTSTEPS development team.



  • Clicking the disagree button, when registering, will direct users to the correct page.

  • Uploaded file will be converted and will be listed under document page.


  • Homeowner Details page issue is loading correctly now for DwellingLive, powered by FRONTSTEPS users.

  • Deleting a user using the import feature will delete users now.

  • Homeowner Details page is loading correctly now.

  • As a homeowner, the home page now displays ‘Emergency Phone #,’ instead of ‘After Hours #.’

  • The add/update feature updates existing users if they already exist in our system. 

  • ‘Clear All Data’ will clear all the data now, except the community name and state, which can be used for importing the data again.

  • If a user enters an invalid home site name, an error message appears. 

  • Users will now be able to upload file up to 500 MB now without a timeout error appearing.

  • Uploaded file will be converted and will be listed under document page.

  • All fields that have a functional edit button when viewing a Service Request Management ticket.

  • Users are now able to view LPR record plates images on the LPR Activity Report.

  • Uploading a file in FTP directory and refreshing the same will process the file so that the uploaded file will not be available in FTP directory.

  • Deleting an user manually will delete it from database.

We are always making improvements to our platform. Please let us know what you think! And you can always visit our support center for product resources.

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