(DENVER, CO) June 29, 2017 — There's solid evidence that residents are busy, but extremely interested in having their community events, incidents, and services shared with them according to the inaugural FRONTSTEPS consumer market study. FRONTSTEPS is the nation's #1 software platform for HOAs, Builders, Security and Patrol Experts, Realtors, and Homeowners. 

Between the groundbreaking survey, conducted in April 2017, and FRONTSTEPS software, a new homeowner-driven era in HOA management is emerging.

"With this study, FRONTSTEPS can provide hard data to our customers that makes them more effective," said Eric Waldinger, FRONTSTEPS Chief Marketing Officer. 

Sent to homeowner association (HOA) and community association (COA) residents, the results illustrated the need for contemporary tools to help residents take advantage of the unique attributes that communal and neighborhood life offers.

"These folks want to open their doors and regularly engage in a purposeful way with their neighbors," said Matt DeWolf, FRONTSTEPS VP Product Management. "But they need a push." 

In fact, 7 in 10 respondents want to see events that promote community involvement. And 80% of respondents expressed a strong interest in getting alerts - for example, security alerts of all kinds.

"When 95% of people say they are actively involved in their HOA or COA, we know our software is indispensable," said DeWolf.

Other key findings:
  • 70% of respondents said that tracking deliveries, finding local services, and contacting management with inquiries was important.
  • Residents want insight into their HOA/COA finances and their own account history.
  • Residents want to be able to message HOA and COA leadership and staff.

The wide range of FRONTSTEPS technology and communication tools can and will continue to address residents' needs.

For example:
  • Community website community calendars populated with meetings, local events, and even neighborhood improvement projects help cultivate a healthy and thriving community.
  • capabilities can alert people to street closures, inclement weather, and neighborhood goings on.
  • Document storage makes it easy for residents to find vital information such as financial information.
  • allows residents to login into their community website, view and pay any dues or assessment fees.

The valuable feedback from the study will be utilized, said DeWolf, as the FRONTSTEPS platform is improved and enhanced.

The online questionnaire was conducted in April 2017. It included a nationwide, random sample of 500 respondents ranging in age from 34-54 with an income range between $55,000 and $150,000. The respondents were all either members of a HOA or a COA and lived in the current home longer than a year, bought a home within the last six months, or are actively looking to buy a home. Approximately 40% of the respondents had children under the age of 18 who were living at home, 65% were married, and 35% were single or unmarried.

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