Technology is no longer just for the young. According to the World Economic Forum, 70% of seniors are now online. There is always a little bit of argument regarding seniors and their ability to adopt technology. It’s interesting to see the data laid out, because it does in fact suggest that older people are learning to adopt technology just as well as younger Americans.

More recent data is suggesting that Americans are more connected online than ever before. Seniors like a majority of us want to connect with family and friends, stay informed, shop, and even create travel plans. This requires them to adopt and use technology on a regular basis.

Tablet usage has become popular within this age group over the past few years. Forbes even released an article examining things Apple succeeded at when implementing the iPad, and making it accessible for older generations. A few of the successes include;

1. Expanding font size so it is easier to read

2. Receiving and enjoying communication from loved ones

3. Sharable photo albums

It has also been found that individuals who use the internet, view technology in a positive light and are likely to incorporate digital and voice-activated technology into their daily lives. A study completed by Pew Research suggests that 58% of adults ages 65 and older say technology has had a mostly positive impact on society.

There are more and more classes specifically catered towards helping older individuals with technology. Check out this video the Wall Street Journal posted about New York’s, Senior Planet. Senior Planet has created classes designed to help seniors adopt technology and become more confident in their abilities.

In the past, Senior Living Communities have been apprehensive when exploring software to advance their community. While it's no surprise that everyone struggles with technology sometimes, it’s nice to see some evidence pointing to older individuals consuming and advancing their technological aspirations.

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