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February 15, 2018
Molly Blake

Slow Down ...

For those of us who have a lead foot, getting pulled over for speeding is well, a regular occurrence. The flashing blue lights, the sinking feeling in your stomach, the awkward “Gee officer, was I speeding?” and then of course, the ticket … which I probably deserved.

But imagine if it’s not a cop who pulls you over, but your neighbor who happens to be armed with a radar gun. (I guess you can buy anything on Amazon). It’s actually happened in one Arizona community. And while official speeding tickets from police officers can ding your insurance and driver’s license status, these rogue ticketers issue HOA fines. The neighbors are, understandably, irked at this shockingly legal method and got the media involved. Soon after, an Arizona lawmaker, Rep. Kelly Townsend, introduced House Bill 2540 to regulate the use of radar guns. The legislation states the "... radar unit should be properly calibrated by a licensed facility..." to make sure the gun is precise before issuing fines.

Look, I’ve absolutely yelled at folks to SLOW DOWN in my neighborhood. And when one driver took a corner into our cul de sac way too quickly, way too sharp, and way too often, my husband calmly spoke to her about her speed. He reminded her that our young kids play in the front yard and would she slow down and be more cautious. Awkward? Kind of. Civilized and effective? 100% yes!

It’s a delicate line—when should civility supersede ‘official’ action? Or vice versa. With FRONTSTEPS, community managers can utilize the platform to host productive conversations and post positive, informative news to their website. But it’s not enough to have a website, you have to drive traffic there, too. The FRONTSTEPS payments product facilitates this recurring traffic because who wants to accrue late fees, and of course, you get paid on time, every time. You also never have to deal with paper checks again and drastically reduce your fraud and liability risk. Cue the happy dance.

The moral of the story here is resident engagement. And we’re the experts. We also, apparently, think we’re Danica Patrick. 

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