Within the community association space, social media can be something that provides great value! With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, individuals have gotten creative, and began using social media to help those in need. With this people are starting to remember why the platforms we love to hate are important! Social media can be a huge asset during crises and day-to-day operations. However, if you’re choosing not to have with an online presence, you could potentially be missing out on engaging with homeowners. 

If your community isn’t active on social media, you’re missing out on a number of opportunities such as;

1.    Communicating important news and information

2.    Responding to complaints and feedback

3.    Fostering customer relationships

4.    Marketing opportunities and influencing prospective clients

5.    Networking with other communities

Today, with the spread of COVID-19 social media groups are popping up to support high-risk community members. Homeowners are jumping on applications like Nextdoor and Facebook to help community members in need. Nicole Fischer, a Portland Oregon resident said; “My hope with it was that people in their houses who are scared, who are alone…older people or people who are immunocompromised, would just know that there's people really close by who could grab them something and run it over, drop it off at their porch. Just so they feel less alone.” Fisher began a system of helping those individuals in need get grocery’s and other necessities during this pandemic.  

Not only does social media help during rough times, but social media marketing is creating social content to reach residents daily. You can get started with social media marketing by utilizing platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You should start these online conversations and regularly produce content to keep engagement high.

-      Take advantage of the “Questions” feature within Instagram stories. There, homeowners can ask questions about the community!

-      Producing fun posts to promote different events going on within the community can facilitate more participation.

By becoming a social media ambassador you’re engaging and maintaining relationships with clients that would otherwise be neglected. You’re connecting community members in need, as well as maintaining communication with homeowners during difficult times.

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