We had a big release last week with the official launch of our eForms tool in FRONTSTEPS Connect. This tool ran in beta for several months as we made necessary enhancements before setting it live. Now that we have this cool new tool, we want to help our customers get the most out of it! This tool is an easy way to quickly collect feedback from your residents. Here are some ways you can start using custom forms to gather valuable feedback from your residents.

After Maintenance Requests

Send out quick surveys asking residents for feedback on their experience. Was the issue resolved quickly? Did your team provide friendly service? Did the resident have to reach out multiple times to get the issue resolved? Do they have any feedback on how your team could improve future maintenance request?

After Events

By reaching out to residents immediately after events, you can discover which events residents love, and continue to host similar ones in the future. Were there parts of the event that led to dissatisfaction? Identify what caused that and implement a plan to address that at future events.

Confusing Processes

You have specific processes in place for residents to book amenities and submit maintenance requests and architectural changes. Send out quick surveys after residents go through these processes to discover if something is causing unnecessary headaches or if simple changes can be made to create efficiencies.

Before Making Changes

Are you planning to add a new stop sign to the community, or perhaps make improvements to the pool this summer? Send out one question surveys to discover what residents would like to see improved in the community and prioritize improvements based on the feedback received.

General Feedback

Every so often, it’s good to gauge how the community feels about the service you’re providing. Send out general customer feedback forms to discover what you’re doing great, and where you can improve.

Looking for additional tips to improve the overall resident experience within the communities you manage? Download our free six-step guide.

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