Whether you're ready or not summer is just around the corner! With the season approaching comes different responsibilities for your HOA. It's time to start planning today, to implement the projects that will bring your association success in the upcoming months!

- Maintaining a good relationship with a pool vendor will be important in the summer season. You want to reach out and schedule your pool maintenance, opening and closing soon before their schedule books up.

- Make sure your rules and regulations regarding the pool are up to date. If you need to establish a new form for community members to fill out, or a new sign built to display within the pool area, you should think about these items now!

- Before opening the pool, double-check and make sure you have the proper insurance to cover your association in case of emergency. Pools can be a large liability for community associations, and it's better to check now, then to be in trouble later.

Did your community's landscaping take a hit this winter? Are you looking to improve some of the outdoor spaces within your community? Now is the time to reach out to landscaping providers to get a few quotes and add these elements within your budget for the next few months. These little projects can mean so much to homeowners.

Many communities celebrate one of the summer holidays with a barbecue or a pool party with all the residents of their community. If you want this party to be poppin' make sure you start planning today.

- Adding this event to your community calendar can get more residents involved. It's likely more of your community members will be able to attend, and maybe even help out!

- When the party starts approaching create a community discussion board where people can volunteer to bring dishes, drinks, and games. 

With the nice weather, many residents can get relaxed when it comes to their pets. Don't forget to make an announcement and include information on your newsletters regarding the animals within your community! Topics might include, keeping your dogs hydrated while playing outside, as well as keeping all dogs on leashes during the summer months.

Planning and making sure you have crossed your T's and dotted your I's can make the difference for your community. These points collectively should get your community on the right track for Summer 2020!