Memorial Day is around the corner. That means swimming pools are being filled to the delight of millions of kids ready to take the plunge. Several HOA pools in Arizona were recently visited by a county environmental inspector and well, lots of them failed. We won’t name any names, but it’s easy to check online and see if your community pool failed or passed. It got us thinking about PMCs and HOAs, maintenance-heavy swimming pools, security, and the rigorous testing and regulations that are required. 

Here are 4 ways to make sure your summer is not ruined by poor pool processes:

Testing: County/state testing requirements vary so be sure and check in with the local regulating bodies. Note the number of times that water quality health must be reported and stick to them. There are a number of ways to do this but technology has made it so reporting and alerts are all online. 

Security: Is your pool located in such a place that security is an issue? Gates and signs might not do the trick. Consider a mini pool security audit to determine if there are gaps that might put your community at risk. Just like when we were kids, make sure there are plenty of “no running” or “no diving in shallow areas” reminders. 

Finances: Review the prior year’s expenses and make sure the coffers include funds for chemicals, cleaning equipment, testing and first aid kits, insurance, and damage. A few extra pool noodles are never a bad idea.

Equipment: pool drains, ladders, diving boards, skimmer nets, chairs and umbrellas, and cleaning gear needs to be reviewed for functionality. Repair and replace if necessary. Don’t forget about storage units or covers.  

Also, remind residents about basic pool rules: Kids sick with diarrhea should NOT swim. Keep diaper changing areas far away from the water and don't swallow pool water. Ewww… Swimming pools are fun – no doubt about it. But they require lots of love and care. Don’t skimp on maintaining a safe and lively summer of swimming! 

Does your community have an incident response plan in place? If not, download your free copy of our Incident Response Guide.

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