No resident likes when things within their community are broken. This causes frustration, irritability, and distrust within community associations. HOA's have a reputation of getting negative feedback when these types of requests are not handled efficiently.

How great would it be if we had a seamless process in which you could receive, organize, and fix these issues within your community? Technology within the property management space is flourishing. There are a few major ways management companies can utilize this technology. By helping residents, enhancing document management, and organizing data this negative feedback can be minimized.

The first topic your community will want to focus on is helping residents! Management can do this by establishing an online presence. Residents can discuss different things occurring in your community via private community discussion. By having a platform that allows clients access 24/7 they can view important contact information as necessary.

Another key component of this technology is document management. Managers can easily upload, organize and update important documents that residents need to reference on a normal basis.

Finally, organizing data is extremely useful when working in an office that collects numerous requests. By properly maintaining notes, requests, and payments from residents, you can eliminate room for human error. Just by logging in you can view your resident's payment history. Keep up with maintenance issues and architectural change requests.

Wondering if you are using the right community software?