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June 7, 2018
Molly Blake

The State of Online Voting Webinar Recap

It’s not easy to get out the vote! Many HOA and PMC leaders have spent countless hours and legwork getting their residents to vote in community elections. We applaud these efforts as encouraging folks to run for election, educating residents about the candidates, hosting the election itself and tallying paper votes is exhausting! As with most things, there’s now an online option for voting. 

We sat down with Matt DeWolf, our business development guru and online voting expert, of late. DeWolf walked participants through the current (and painful) voting process and transitioned to how modern technology is disrupting this method to make it easier for HOAs and PMCs to host elections online.  

You can watch the webinar here: 



A sneak peak backstage of what you’ll learn in this informative webinar: 

  • How write ins are handled?

  • Can you do a call for candidates through the app?

  • How do I change my vote prior to the election cut off time?

  • What if someone cannot vote electronically?

  • Do you have to have an online accounting system to use voting?

  • What does the interface look like? 

If you're interested in learning more about how to set your community up with online voting capability, email us and someone will get in touch with you! You can contact sales at

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