Software should simplify your life, not complicate it. If your software is taking up more of your time rather than saving it, it’s a good indication you should start searching for a better solution. Prospective customers frequently tell us that they’re in need of a more modern solution that will provide a better overall experience for their residents. Here are three common signs it’s time to find a better software solution to improve your overall resident experience. 

1). Your website is extremely outdated

Residents have come to expect a modern, easy-to-navigate website that displays well on the device they’re using. That means you must have a responsive website, or a website that automatically adjusts to the user’s screen size. This ensures website visitors will have a great experience whether they arrive on an iPhone or a laptop. Did you know responsive sites are also important to Google? The search giant began ranking sites that aren’t mobile-friendly lower in the search results.

2). You don’t offer a mobile-friendly experience

Residents and community managers are constantly on-the-go. Is your software accessible and easy-to-use on smartphones? Having software that’s available as an Android and iOS app allows your team to stay connected with each community, ensuring everything runs smoothly even when they’re not on the property. Apps also fit in with your resident’s mobile lifestyle, allowing them to submit requests, make payments, and communicate with your team from anywhere with a tap of a finger.

3). Your residents have to write paper checks

Checks are outdated, waste paper, and a pain for residents to send each month. Plus, payment coupons are a source of hidden costs due to the expenses associated with printing, stamps, and mailing. Find a solution that offers in-app dues and fees payments, allowing your residents to make mobile payments with the tap of a finger, and your team to spend time improving the community rather than manually reconciling checks and coupons each month.

There are far more than three signs it’s time for a new software solution. To see our entire list, download your free copy of our guide, 7 Signs it's Time for a Software Upgrade today!
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