Seriously. Tim Smisek is our very own Superman. As a product owner, Tim spends his days making FRONTSTEPS patrol products better. He's uber talented too. Read on for more!

You played football in college. Tell me what position you played and one particular game that stood out and why.

Yup, I've always been big for my age and played sports growing up. I was even taller than my third-grade teacher! I played football in high school and college, and was a Defensive End at Northwestern University. One memory that stands out was actually before a game, we were traveling from the hotel to the stadium and our coach bus was given a police escort by about a dozen police cars and motorcycles. It was early in the season, and I remember thinking how incredible it was that we were being given such special attention. Fun fact: Despite playing a lot of football and watching the NFL on television, I've never been to a professional football game.

What do you bring to the FRONTSTEPS product team?

My hope is that I bring an attention to detail, offer creative solutions that our customers will enjoy, and a sense of humor in team meetings.

Music is a huge part of your life. Tell us more!

Yes, music is a huge part of my life. I grew up playing in a family band with my dad (guitar/vocals), twin brother (bass), older brother (drums) and little sister (vocals), so it's been a passion of mine since I was about 3 years old. I do get to sing and play almost every day. I have a home studio, and I'm working on recording my 3rd album, so I spend a lot of time practicing, composing, and preparing for gigs. (Check out his website here: https://www.timsmisek.com)

What�۪s your favorite part about life in Denver? I love living in Colorado. The mountains are super fun for hiking, biking, skiing, and camping. I also really enjoy gardening, so the nice weather is perfect for growing veggies I can cook with.

Describe working at FRONTSTEPS in 3 words.

Too Many Tims. (there are SIX!!!)

Favorite drink. I really like Imperial Red IPAs, and a good Scotch with a dash of water, served neat.

The FRONTSTEPS team was excited when Tim joined and when we found out that he was crazy talented, we took advantage of him right away. He entertained at our open house and was a HIT! We look forward to planning more events so Tim can perform. That being said ..."Tim is an incredibly valued member of the team at FRONTSTEPS," said Judy Jensen, fellow product-er. "He brings a positive attitude to everything he does while bringing a calming presence to the most difficult solutions. Plus, he is the lead guitarist and singer at FRONTSTEPS parties!"

Now you get why we call him Superman!? Thanks, Tim for being a standout FRONTSTEPPER!

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