If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed, it’s that your community will need security credentials in the New Year. From transponders and proximity barcodes to key fobs, credentials are something that every community with credentialed access points needs. There’s good news! You can save big on these items that you’re guaranteed to use in the New Year with our end of year sale, but time is running out.

The sale

We’re offering up to 25% off security credentials and devices now through the end of the year. That means you can replenish and stock up on the security items you’re bound to use in 2019 at an incredible price. You’ll find credentials from the industry’s top providers like HID, Nedap, Transcore, BAI, and Infinity within our convenient online store.

Why purchase now?

The most obvious answer is that you’ll save a ton of money on items you actually need. The money you save can be further invested in your community by purchasing things that have been on your wish list for a while. Also, it’s the end of the year, and it’s common for remaining budgets to not roll over next year. If that’s the case for your community and you currently have budget remaining, why not put that budget towards credentials now, then use next year’s credential budget on something else your community needs?

Additional savings for dwellingLIVE customers

We’re offering exclusive savings to dwellingLIVE customers. These customers will receive free access device credits with every item purchased, a $1/device retail value.

Let us handle the programming

We understand this is a busy time for security teams with so many guests coming in and out of your community during the holidays. That’s why we will custom program all credentials purchased through our online store specifically for your community. Please note this process takes between three to four weeks.

Stock up today!

Browse our convenient online store to find the credentials you need to keep your community safe and secure in the New Year. Visit buy.frontsteps.com to shop and save today!