What if you had to remember to pay your Netflix bill each month? Or write a check for your monthly gym membership? Many companies have adopted an autopay model, as their customers appreciate the convenience of not having to remember to pay bills each month.  

With FRONTSTEPS, you can offer your residents the exact same convenience for assessment payments. If your residents are hesitant about ditching paper checks, here are three ways you can better promote the benefits of digital payments.

Ultimate Convenience

51% of consumers claim that paper checks are a pain, and quite frankly, we agree. There’s a lot of work that goes into making an assessment payment with a check. Residents need to first locate their checkbook, as they’re likely not using it on a daily basis. They then need to write a check, attach the coupon, place both in an envelope, find the address of your office, add a stamp, and mail it out. That’s a lot of work when compared to the three clicks it takes to make a payment in FRONTSTEPS. Residents can also make payments from the comfort of their living room or on the go using their smartphone.

Set it and Forget it

Making a payment in three clicks is easy, but it’s even easier when you only have to do it once. As mentioned above, the reason it’s so easy to use services like Netflix is that you never need to remember to pay for this service each month, it’s just taken out of your account automatically. Make your residents aware of this service and focus on how they can simply set their payments to recurring, leaving one less bill for them to remember to pay each month.

Avoid Late Payments

Autopay isn’t for everyone, and we understand that. That’s why we’ve added an additional feature to help residents avoid late fees. Residents can sign up for payment reminders. Reminders are sent by text and or email, and residents can choose the frequency and day of the month they’d like to receive the reminder.

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