Halloween week is here! Last week we shared several safety tips to help keep homeowners and trick-or-treaters in your community safe. Over the weekend we thought of some additional tips worth sharing with your residents to help make this one of the best Halloween’s yet.

Clear Your Sidewalks

Our hometown of Denver is experiencing winter weather this week, with forecasts predicting several inches of snow through Wednesday. The Halloween forecast for the rest of the country shows some problems areas as well, especially in the Midwest. Be sure to get out early on Thursday to shovel your sidewalks and put salt down to keep trick-or-treaters and guardians safe. For areas expecting rain, be sure to sweep sidewalks so they’re free of leaves and debris that could pose as a slip hazard when wet.

Follow Recommended Trick-Or-Treating Times

If you perform a Google search for “trick-or-treat”, you’ll see a number of fellow searchers asking questions around what time trick-or-treating starts. Typically, younger kids start trick-or-treating earlier before the sun goes down around 5:00-6:00 pm. If it’s expected to be a chilly night, start times can be pushed even earlier. For the older crowds, trick-or-treating should wrap up by 9:00 pm, especially during the week.

It’s important to pay attention to local laws and regulations. Some towns, like Upper Deerfield Township in New Jersey enforce a strict 7:00 pm curfew on Halloween. This town, including others around the country, also have age restrictions for trick-or-treating. In Newport News, Virginia, for example, kids over the age of 12 could be charged with a misdemeanor for trick-or-treating.

Keep an Eye Out for Blue Buckets

Blue candy buckets have been gaining attention on social media over the last several weeks. Omairis Taylor, mother of a three-year-old nonverbal child, presented the idea of using a blue Halloween bucket for trick-or-treating. She encouraged people to keep an eye out for children using blue buckets as they won’t be able to say trick-or-treat but can still enjoy the holiday. If you happen to see a blue bucket, simply pass out candy and consider making a comment about how cool the child’s costume is.

Make Your House More Inviting

Feel like you never get enough trick-or-treaters? Make sure you house is inviting so kids won’t run past it. Keep front porch lights on, as well as indoor lights making it obvious that someone is home. Consider putting Halloween decorations in the front yard, and making sure any pumpkins you may have carved are lit.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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