The graduation caps are being thrown in the air, the (un)used notebooks are getting tossed in the recycling bin, and the chorus of ‘no more homework!’ can be heard echoing through your quiet neighborhood streets. Yep, school is just about out for summer. 

And while parents across the US are celebrating the end of lunch preparations, they are generally despondent with the idea that their offspring will now be home. All. Day. That means your neighborhood is about to get busy. Here are a five ways that your community can prepare for summer.

  • Clean up! Start with parks, open spaces, and other amenities like pools and tennis courts.  Pick up any trash or other detritus that’s been covered by snow and fallen leaves. Take a pressure washer to playground equipment, benches, bike racks, and other outdoor gear that kids and parents will be using. Don't forget to put out new trash cans and fresh bags for all the otter pop wrappers!

  • Make a welcome to summer pack for the little kiddos. Include sidewalk chalk, bubbles, homemade cookies, sunscreen, and perhaps a packet of veggie seeds they can plant.

  • Host a welcome to summer event! Go old school with a slip n’ slide or rent a bouncy castle and invite residents to bring a dish to share. Encourage folks to arrange for play dates or ask if small business owners wouldn’t share any summer job opportunities. Similarly, teens can advertise for babysitting or lawn care services.

  • Use the bulletin notice and remind drivers to SLOW DOWN! No one wants speeders whipping through the streets but it’s especially important in the summer months.

  • Share resources about summer camps, events, festivals, or other unique attributes that your area has to offer.

There’s something special about the sound of kids playing and laughing (and not staring at a computer!) so encourage this wonderful resident engagement among your families. Happy Summer!

For more tips on improving resident experience in your communities, download your copy of our free six-step guide!

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