Planning to sell your house this year? Whether you’re working with a real estate agent or doing for sale by owner, consider these real estate marketing trends to help you attract a buyer.

A slide show of perfectly staged interior and exterior photos used to be the norm for real estate listings. But with advances in technology, static photos can scarcely compete with more high-tech offerings like three-dimensional or virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) tours, which some seller’s agents now offer to make their clients’ homes stand out. For instance, AR software give buyers the chance to see exactly how the space might look customized to their style instead of imagining it without the current owner’s furniture. “Very soon, I believe that everyone in real estate will be tapping into these technologies to ensure properties sell as quickly as possible for the best possible price,” Nav Athwal, founder and CEO of RealtyShares, writes on

While homeowners used to keep their pets and pet accessories out of sight for showings, reports that rising pet ownership means buyers are increasingly interested in pet-friendly homes. This could mean staging your home with a few dog toys and a plush bed or emphasizing features like a cat door or a dog washing area in your listing. Pet owners might also
appreciate large, fenced in yards or proximity to a dog park.

Many homebuyers get excited about environmental features like smart thermostats, especially if it means lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. If your home has any of these green features, be sure to play that up!

Communities that focus on providing an incredible resident experience can be an excellent selling point. For tips on improving resident experience in your community, download our free six-step guide!

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