Applications such as OpenTable and Yelp are getting more traffic than ever. OpenTable actually seats more than 31 million diners each month! These apps are really helpful when trying to gain more information on where to eat, and more importantly reserving your seat!

These tools are incredibly helpful when making reservations for dinner, but we can utilize this same technology within our community spaces. Our facilities are one of the selling points that residents are looking for when entering new communities. Residents want to take advantage of movie rooms, yoga studios, and club houses! By utilizing Community Reservations, we can allow residents to make these request at their convenience just by logging onto their portal.

Here at FRONTSTEPS, we have found success by adding this feature within the portal. It’s simple to use as soon as managers enter the specific facilities that these reservations are available for. Below is an example of how Community Reservations are laid out within FRONTSTEPS!

Access, Approve, and Reject Community Reservations

Want to learn more about Reservations and other features in FRONTSTEPS, request a demo to see the full community portal and website.

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