Up here in our Denver office we work to bring our customers the best, most useful product on the market. But we’ve also been on the road, talking to the folks who interact with our app and resident engagement platform every day. And we wanted to extend that concept to more people. 

It’s why FRONTSTEPS created a place for you, HOA, PMC, and COA leaders, to share ideas and influence the direction of our product, FRONTSTEPS Community.

“We are really working hard to engage our customers and make them part of the process,” said Yi-Hsiao Liu, Product Director and the mastermind behind the board. “They are the ones using the product and we want to make sure that we are prioritizing features that customers truly care about.” 

For example, said Liu, a customer indicated they would really like to see a drag and drop type newsletter feature that’s easy to use but also modern and cheerful looking. 

“Our team took that suggestion to heart and invested time in exactly that,” added Liu. “We want our users to help drive our direction.” 

Our product board is located online and allows people to do three things: 

Vote on New Features: This page lists product features we are considering to build. Please vote and comment on features that would be of value to you.

Submit idea: On the top right hand side, there's a button for customers to submit new ideas. Our Product team will review these submissions and post these ideas in "Under Consideration" if the feature has merit.

See What's Coming Soon: This page is a list of product enhancements we've already delivered or are planning to deliver to our users. This page is a good way to know what FRONTSTEPS is planning to launch.

“Listening to our customers is a big part of why we will continue to deliver the best resident engagement platform on the market,” added Liu.  

To visit our product board, click here!

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