Remember Dave Letterman's Top Ten list? They were hilarious. Often, celebs came on to read the list. Snoop Dog read, "Things that sound cool when said by Snoop Dog," and Robert De Niro and Al Pacino read, "Top Ten Reasons I Like Being An Actor." (De Niro deadpanned, "It's the makeup. I like wearing makeup."). Unfortunately we don't have any celebs to read off our Top Ten Reasons to Attend our inaugural webinar, so we're going old school. And if this isn't funny, Jacob, our designer, promises to do stupid human tricks. 


10. "If you thought the solar eclipse was cool? Check out our HOA management tools. They are out of this world"

9. "Your cat will appreciate you learning something, and while you are it... clean out the litter box. It stinks"

8. "You can attend with your pajamas on and a shot of espresso!"

7. "Attend webinar = Procrastination on actual stuff you have to do"

6. "You can learn how to make HOA payments online. ONLINE!! The future is NOW!"

5. "Because it's better to have to listen to Shaun than look at him." (tough crowd here at FS!)

4. "You'll probably will spend the next hour googling Dave Letterman's Top Ten Lists and laugh a lot."

3. "The ads on the internet will now get weird since you've just watched a lot of old Letterman episodes."

2. "The entire FRONTSTEPS sales team will do an interpretive dance in the background around the 23rd minute."

1. "Janessa, the sales manager, won't maim Shaun because you will be the 15th attendee and he PROMISED there would be 15 attendees!" 

We love countdowns here at FRONTSTEPS. Download our free guide, 7 Signs it's Time for a Software Upgrade to see if your company would benefit from new community management software.


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