Ryan Lozano, our Account Executive of Security Management, shares all things pets in his latest webinar. Seeing that 68% of U.S. households own a pet, there’s a good chance a large percentage of your residents fall into this group. That’s why it’s important that you have rules in place to keep order, as well as tools to help pet owners when and if they happen to lose a pet.

Ryan discusses the importance of having rules in your HOA community around pet ownership. From ensuring residents don’t own dangerous or exotic pets to keeping community open spaces free of pet waste, it’s important to proactively have rules in place rather than waiting until issues arise.

As for helping reunite pet owners with lost animals, there are tools you can have in place to make this task easier. A digital pet directory is a great tool for ensuring residents are abiding the rules of your community AND helping reunite lost animals. By being able to look up a lost animal by breed, your team can quickly identify the owner. Having bulletins and a community discussion board are another great way to get the word out when pets get loose.

FRONTSTEPS offers both of these features in our software suite. The pet directory is a convenient and popular feature in FRONTSTEPS Secure, while FRONTSTEPS Connect contains the necessary communication tools to help keep residents informed. Watch the webinar below to learn more!

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