Our Account Executive of Security Management, Ryan Lozano, is back at it again this week with another informative webinar, How to Address the Unique Needs of Condo High-Rise Communities. Ryan shares key demographics for condo residents, highlighting how this group tends to skew younger. This younger audience has specific expectations in terms of how they want to communicate and interact with building staff. This information is critical for property management companies to understand, and it will drive how you communicate with residents and which software tools you select to best serve the needs and expectations of your residents.

In the webinar, you'll get an overview of how certain tools within FRONTSTEPS were built specifically for condo high-rise buildings, such as package tracking and automation capabilities. To learn more about what your property management company should take into consideration when determining how to best serve condo residents, watch this short, yet informative webinar. If you have any questions, please feel free to send them Ryan's way by emailing him at rlozano@frontsteps.com.

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