Millennial are the newest generation that has entered the home purchasing market. This generation covers any born between 1981 - 1996 and they do their research online before making purchases, especially large ones like a home purchase.

Taylor, a millennial himself, covers this generation that made up 37% of all homebuyers in 2018, a number that will only increase over time. He points out that millennials expect to be able to make payments across their laptop/desktop, mobile phone, or mobile app, and that only 11% expect to make a purchase in person. Taylor also provides tips for how to win this generation over by providing clear communications, opportunities to give back, and where to join the conversation with them.

Taylor ends his webinar with by reiterating the importance of communicating with your millennial homeowners where they are. With this generation on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops they expect to be able to communicate with their community managers on every device.

To learn more about serving the millennial resident, watch the recording of Taylor's webinar!

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