You’ve taken the necessary precautions to prevent crime in your community. You performed a security audit, you’ve installed the necessary hardware and software to make visitor management and issuing credentials a breeze, you have gates, locked doors, and even security cameras. What happens when you’ve done everything possible to keep your residents and their belongings safe and crime somehow still occurs?

Ryan Lozano, our Account Executive of Security Management, covers this tricky subject in his latest webinar, How to Handle Crime within Your Community. Ryan first discusses the key steps you must take immediately after a crime occurs. Sure, you might be flustered, frustrated, or even downright angry, but it’s important that you take the time to send proper communications to the HOA. However, it’s key that you don’t over communicate sensitive issues.

When crime occurs, that means there’s opportunity to make improvements to your current strategy. Ryan covers tips on how to analyze your strategy and make the necessary improvements as soon as possible to prevent similar crimes from occurring in the future.

To learn more about how to tackle crime in your community, and for tips on how to specifically handle incidents that involve residents, watch Ryan’s webinar below!

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