The vacation rental industry is exploding. In 2016 the industry was valued at $100 billion and is expected to reach $167.9 billion by the end of this year. One in four people report using short-term rental platforms. With the growth of sites like Airbnb, it’s no longer just people with a second home looking to rent out their space. Residents are starting to see the value in renting their main residence to strangers when they’re out of town. As an HOA or property management company, how do you handle short term leases in your community?

If you’ve decided to allow short term leases, you need to ensure you have certain rules in place to keep your community safe and full-time residents happy. Our Account Executive of Security Management, Ryan Lozano, hosted a webinar highlighting what you need to take into consideration with short term leases. In this webinar Ryan covers:

  • How to identify if someone is leasing their home and not telling you
  • How to track short term lease guests coming in and out of the community
  • How and when to charge short term guests

Watch the webinar below to learn more!

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