Last month we launched a new CEO Town Hall webinar series enabling our amazing leaders share their insight and knowledge with our customers. FRONTSTEPS CEO, Jamie Clymer, and Caliber President, Ken Wilson are back in their second episode to provide more insight into our company's vision and future.

In this episode, Jamie and Ken provide insight into the overall vision for FRONTSTEPS and where we're heading. They also discuss the importance of a single platform for management companies, which is what we're working towards.

Like many software companies, we work off of a product roadmap that guides future enhancements and feature releases. Jamie provides more insight on how we use the roadmap to guide our company, and teases one of the upcoming features he's most excited about. The webinar concludes with Ken discussing the upcoming release of FRONTSTEPS Pay, and how this tool will transform how management companies collect assessment payments from their residents.

Unfortunately we had some technical issues with our webinar tool, so the beginning of the episode was cut off. No worries, we have a recap of what was covered. Our moderator asked Jamie, "What's the vision around what we're working to create as an organization?" Here's his response:

As an organization we provide ONE platform where a management company, through ONE username and password, has the ability to manage a set of products that helps management companies grow their business and become more profitable.
Through the platform approach we can reduce costs to management companies significantly.  That’s through cost/time of the management company to support and through deep discounted product bundles.  
As an example, our platform includes a front-end website, resident – board and management company portals, a resident mobile app, accounting, maintenance and inspection applications as well as payments.  In the market today, a management company might need to invest with five to six different companies in order to get what exists between the FRONTSTEPS and Caliber business.  We have the ability through single sign on to manage these products through one username and password long term, and provide deep discounts across products.  This does not happen by going to multiple vendors, and on-site staff has to work with multiple support teams.  

Another topic that was covered in the webinar is our plan to host customer councils in 2020. These councils will be for both Caliber and FRONTSTEPS customers. This will be an opportunity for our customers to visit our office, provide feedback on our solution, and hear directly from our leaders about where the company is going and what we're building out next. If you're interested in joining us for one of the council meetings, please send us an email at community@frontsteps.com.

Click on the video below to watch the full episode.

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