This week our Account Executive of Security Management, Ryan Lozano, hosted the webinar, Understanding the Security Needs of Your Community. Community security is an important topic for both property management companies and community boards, as break-in's are a serious problem across the country. Did you know:

  • Over 2 million home burglaries are reported each year in the U.S.
  • Most burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm
  • 47% of burglaries in the U.S. occur in the South

What's most shocking about the third bullet is that the southern region of the United States has the highest percentage of gated communities in the country. In this webinar, Ryan highlights why every community needs a security solution in place, and how that exact solution will vary from community to community. Ryan also covers:

  • How credentialed access functionality can assist in late dues and fees payments
  • The importance of being able to quickly process visitors
  • What a watchlist is and how it keeps your residents safe
  • And more!

You can watch a recorded version of the webinar below. If you have any questions regarding the security needs of your community, please feel free to reach out to Ryan directly by emailing him at rlozano@frontsteps.com.

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