Modern HOA and PMC community managers are busy and tasked with projects that include marketing to collecting rent, creating an engaging community, and securing residents. It’s not an easy task but it's critical. In fact, 7 in 10 residents want their HOA to promote community involvement. Fortunately, there are software platforms that facilitate and modernize many of these functions. Here are a few things to think about when choosing a community management software.

First thing’s first—accounting systems integration. The software should integrate with your accounting system or your work load doubles, when it comes to reconciling your books, rent, and dues payments. A seamless integration means fees come in and the system automatically updates your balances. Done and done.

Speaking of rent and dues, going checkless should be at the top of your list! Paper coupon books and checks are outdated and dangerous. The time it takes to process hundreds of checks through a lock box or other means could be spent on positive productive resident engagement if you had a software that processed payments online and through a mobile device. Plus, maintaining excel spreadsheets and voided checks puts you at risk for serious fraud. Imagine if a thief or disgruntled employee got a hold of your resident’s sensitive bank information. Yikes! 

On a positive note, choosing a software that allows residents to book amenities (it’s almost pool season!) online, vote in elections, and submit forms like architectural requests will make your life easier. Residents will appreciate slick features that they can do online. Who doesn’t love saving trees! Don’t overlook tools like the ability to view usage and reporting tools, and historical board approvals. Knowing more about your resident’s actions and activities on your website will only help you create more useful content, which ultimately benefits everyone.

Lastly, does the software include security features like access control, visitor management, and forensic data? A single all-in-one solution for guarded or unmanned communities sounds like a dream! 

Community management software has come a long way since the days of binders full of names and addresses, paper sign-up sheets, and coupon books. Take advantage of platforms that help you automate these responsibilities, which gives you time back to build a community that’s engaged and connected. 

Download your copy of our free checklist, 10 Things Your Community Management Software Must Have to help guide your search!

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