Similar to how self-service has become the norm, so has a great mobile experience. People are attached to their cell phones and expect to be able to do everything, from booking a flight to making a restaurant reservation, quickly and easily from their mobile device.

While consumers have gone mobile, many businesses have been slow to adapt, resulting in a poor customer experience. Here are some compelling reasons why your business shouldn't ignore mobile:

  • 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience.
  • 90% of customers say they have had poor experiences seeking customer support on mobile.
  • 84% of companies who claim to be customer-centric focus on the mobile customer experience.
  • 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

With smartphone usage on the rise, having mobile friendly apps and websites are no longer a luxury, they’re a necessity. Did you know that 75% of internet usage is coming from mobile devices? That means that if you don’t have a responsive, mobile-friendly website, a good chunk of your site visitors are going to have a poor experience. This will result in users having to continuously pinch, zoom, and swipe their fingers in order to simply read your content.

How do you keep residents connected and engaged with your community? Smartphone apps are becoming the norm for every business from property management companies to restaurants. Consider finding a community management software provider that offers mobile apps aimed at making community living even easier for your residents.

For more tips on how to improve your company’s mobile experience, download our free 6-Step Guide for Providing an Exceptional Resident Experience.

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