What is a Community Manager?

Some professionals might say the community manager is the back bone of the community they serve, providing skill and expertise that is essential to the success of their association. These managers must be knowledgeable, possess great communication skills, and have determination to better and grow his/her associations.

We expect a community manager to build and maintain the community they serve. They should be an expert of all topics surrounding the association, while listening and building relationships with residents and members of the community. Community managers are seen as an invaluable resource to communities.

One question we might ask is, “What separates a good community manager from a GREAT one?!”

According to sources, most great managers possess these 3 traits!


a.    Empathy within this profession means having the ability to resolve conflict while making your community members feel heard and valued!


b.    To serve as an effective manager you must have top of the line communication skills. Written, verbal, and good social skills will allow managers to thrive!

c.    Be transparent with residents.

d.    Become active within your community newsletters and social media. Through these channels you can inform and educate residents.

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e.    It’s important for these managers to have a love and strong dedication to these communities they serve.

The list of characteristics can go on, having time-management skills, being detail oriented, and having creativity are all bonuses to excelling at a community management position. If you’re curious on how you can improve these skills, take some time to think about how you deal with your management duties. Good managers are also always reevaluating themselves on a day-to-day basis.

Question yourself and your style!

Is there a different way I can approach this?

How could I handle this situation with more empathy?

All in all, great community managers delight their community! Going above and beyond, on a regular basis to enhance the communities they serve.